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Student Life/Amenities

Campus Amenities

There are several amenities that the Student Life team manages throughout the year. Some of them include:

Computer and Language Lab
AEI’s multi-media laboratory boosts student success with speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Using award-winning English software, students immerse themselves in the language. Instructors help students use technology to make English language study more fun, fast, and easy. The AEI computer lab also features helpful Test Preparation and immersion software with dedicated instructors to guide students toward language and ETS test mastery.

Event Room
Several of our Student Life activities are held in the Event Room.

AEI English Café
We have break rooms that include vending machines, refrigerator, watercooler, and a microwave that students may use as necessary.

Student Lounge Areas
There are several areas around campus where students can sit in a group or individually as comfortably as if they were in their own home.

Student Study Rooms
We provide our students with quiet rooms with several cubicles where they can read, write, study, and work on their laptop computers.

Equipped with multi-media resources, instructional technology, computer-based testing materials, pre-literate to mastery level English language learning resources, a range of academic texts, newspapers, magazines, and traditional and ESL games, the AEI library serves the needs of our instructors and international learners.

Shuttle Service
For our student services, AEI provide daily shuttle service to/from the MARTA Doraville Station and Chestnut at Buford Highway. Please refer to the school shuttle schedule.

Wireless Internet
AEI has wifi available for on-campus use.

There is ample parking provided for students free of charge.

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