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Student Life/Activities

Student Life Activities

Students always have opportunities to participate in cultural and social activities at AEI. Student Life develops a calendar of activities each year and hosts the following to name a few:

Activities Day
The entire student body visits a local park for a day of planned outdoor fun, food, and games.

Pot Luck Party
After final exams and on the last day of the session, Student Life hosts a Pot Luck Party for the entire student body. International foods are shared and students enjoy a time to be entertained and to socialize with their classmates and friends.

English Social Hour
Each week all students from all levels of study are invited to practice their English speaking skills in a moderated, fun social hour. English Social Hour is planned with opportunity for conversations, discussions, and games.

Field Trips
Each session instructors may include field trips to support the course. Field trips include locations such as; Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta History Center, Coca Cola, Georgia Aquarium, High Museum of Art, Martin Luther King Center to name a few.

Student Showcase
Students are given the opportunity to participate in a public speaking contest to present topics of their particular interests. The event is judged and prizes are awarded.

Special Events
Each year Student Life develops and promotes new events for AEI’s students to enjoy cultural experiences including: guest speakers, movie afternoons, ping pong tournaments, talent shows, and more.

Key Faculty

and Staff

While our instructors are all native speakers, we have several staff members that come from different countries. This means that when a student first contacts the school, someone will likely be able to communicate with them in their native language. This helps us provide the best service for students who desired to master English. We understand and have compassion for our students as they come to AEI for learning.

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